Riding a bike

I was going to save these pictures for ‘The 52 Project’ but I decided that being able to ride a bike properly deserved a greater mention. Winston has been ‘half riding’ (feet forwards, then backwards, then forwards) for about two months which was slow going, but two weeks ago he finally decided to push his feet the whole way round. I cried and started screaming loudly, and he was left wondering what an earth was going on. Such an achievement and he is thrilled! He told me he was scared of going too fast. We’ve been going out two or three times a week and it conveniently hooks on the double buggy when he gets tired – an unexpected bonus.

WInston riding a bike

He’s had quite few falls but thankfully nothing major enough to put him off – apparently a wonky helmet and wellies on the wrong feet is all you need!

winston riding

winston riding a bike 2

E xx



  1. Abi
    10th November 2014 / 5:33 pm

    Yay! what an achievement. I love his face on the last picture. x

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