DIY Gifts for Young Crafters

Following on from my nature box and handmade gifts for ladies – here are my favourite handmade projects and gifts for little crafters. I love the walnut treasure box and the spring fairy garden – there is something so whimsical about them. I constantly flit between wanting my boys to grow up so I can do more advanced projects with them, and wanting them to stay young because time is going so incredibly fast. A year until Winston starts nursery and two years until he starts school! I’m starting to feel like our time together is so precious.

Craft box for girlsAll images are courtesy of Pinterest. 

1. Wrapped ombre letter

2. Doll in a box – a lovely project for parent and child.

3. Paper boats

4. Fairy garden – this could be done over a few weeks.

5. Shell fish

6. Walnut treasure box

7. Beaded mobile

8. Shadow puppet theatre

9. Story stones

E xx



  1. julie
    14th November 2014 / 12:37 pm

    absolutely lovely my daughter would love them all .

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