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I’ve been giving exercise a real push over the last four or five weeks. It’s incredible how quickly our bodies adapt and strengthen, and I’ve really been feeling the benefits. I’ve had a fantastic (and sweaty) time trying out some new classses – Kettlebells, Circuits and HIIT, along with my usual Body Pump & Body Combat. I also discovered a Mag Book by Women’s Fitness entitled ‘4 Weeks to Skinny Jeans’ (which I know sounds cheesy) that has some great circuits in, plus hints and tips to keep the momentum up. Jared has been out a lot in the evenings, so the circuits have come in really handy. I am feeling much stronger and can now do 10 press ups. I could do zero six weeks ago, so I’m pretty chuffed. I’ve always wanted to be able to do 10 press ups! Thankfully, exercise is something I really enjoy so it doesn’t feel like a chore, and a portion of time to myself really improves my emotional well being.

I’m not obsessed with my weight…but it is always present in the background, and I would be lying if I said it doesn’t affect my confidence – because it does. I hit my pre pregnancy weight (9st 8lbs is the weight I start to feel happy) at the beginning of the summer…but then summer happened – weddings, ice-cream, holidays, parties, eating outside (not sure why that makes you eat more but in my experience, it does!) and I ended up putting a few pounds back on. I’m firmly back on track with exercise and eating isn’t perfect, but it is a vast improvement compared to the binge of summer. I’ve cut our sugar day to day (now on week 4) and I’ve managed to keep cake eating to a minimum at get togethers. My energy is a million times than a couple of months ago and I no longer wake up with a sugar headache. Rufus has been waking up at 5am (boo) for the past few weeks so waking up with a clear head has been essential.

I really feel like I’m starting to turn a corner – nothing to do with getting rid of baby weight, but all to do with finding a healthy lifestyle that I enjoy and can maintain. Being in control of my choices, rather than being lead by cravings. I usually have a blip at around 3 weeks, however – so far, so good. I really don’t want to jinx everything by writing it down, but it some how makes me feel accountable.


Rufus – please note the ‘GET SLEEP’ and the ‘REPEAT’.

E xx

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