Our kitchen renovation

We’ve lived in our house almost five years. How time has flown! I’ve also had a blog post entitled ‘house update’ for well over a year, as that is when we started proper renovations on our house – we wrongly assumed it would take about six months. Our house is mostly done but we still have (at least) a couple of weeks worth of finishing to do – painting, glossing, sanding, filling, general tidying up and putting up fixtures. Everything has turned out quite differently to how I imagined, in a good way.

The kitchen was very brown before we started – brown cupboards, brown tiles, brown floor and even the interior of the fridge was brown. It has been such a labour of love and I feel so happy each time I go in our kitchen. Jared and I discussed every single detail together – what food will go in each cupboard, to what butter dish we should buy and (of course) we’ve made sure that everything has a place! We knocked through a wall to create a kitchen-diner, and as a result the space is much more family friendly and sociable.

kitechnkitchen 2 dfsf

kitchen 3 kjhgkjAnd here is the (almost) finished result:

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new kitchen

kitechn new

kitchen new dddd

Summer 2011 061 new kitchen

We do keep changing it around and I’m sure it will keep evolving the longer we live here. It is so much lighter and a breath of fresh air. My favourite place to sit is at the breakfast bar eating lunch with Winst.

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  1. 27th October 2014 / 2:20 pm

    It looks spectacular!!! My fave is the spice rack with hanging mugs! Well done x

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