The 52 Project – 42/52

Summer 2011 002

“A portrait of my boys, once a week, every week, in 2014″.

I managed to capture a rare moment when Winston is willingly sharing a toy. His usual response is to scream at the top of his voice when Rufus is within two metres of the toy he is playing with. Rufus ‘the grabber’ is pretty bold and will target the toy Winston has in his hand – following him around the house. It’s incredibly mischievous!

Winston remains the person that makes Rufus laugh the most – all he has to say is something silly and Rufus is in fits of laughter.

Winston also insists on wearing his football kit EVERY SINGLE DAY…I’ve given up trying to get him to wear something else. The green shorts are so garish. I only wish Jared had chosen a different colour! Paired with an oversized jumper that his dear cousin gave him (that he also insists on wearing) – he is quite a sight!

E xx


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