Creating a shared bedroom

boys room

We’ve had a bit of a move around upstairs and the boys are now sharing a room. We’ve been thinking of moving Ru out of our room for a while, as he’s now (mostly) sleeping 7:15-11pm then 11:30-6:45am, and I’m a hideously light sleeper since having children.

The first few nights were surprisingly successful, but since then Ru has come down with a cough so he’s been waking much more than usual. I’m hoping it’s not the dreaded bronchiolitis, but his wheeze does sound rather familiar. Boo. Winston is far better at going to bed now that his nap has well and truly been cut out. Hallelujah! We have sensed that he feels lonely, knowing the three of us were together in ours.

We haven’t bought Winston a bed yet as we’re not sure what type to go for. I didn’t really have a plan of how the room would look but I’m pleased with how it turned out. I’ll probably have a play around with it once Winston has a bed.

Rus bed

Winstons side

I am rather proud of the height chart that I started making about two years ago and gave up as a bad job. With fresh eyes and a space on the wall, I managed to get it finished.

E xx


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  1. 3rd September 2014 / 10:04 pm

    Looks brilliant! Far less trashed than we tried ours sharing a room.

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