The 52 Project – 38/52

hemsworth water park

baby swing“A portrait of my boys,once a week, every week, in 2014″.

I’m late with this weeks pictures, which I don’t intend on repeating. Both of these pictures are taken at Hemsworth Water Park, and the reason I’ve chosen them is because they represent (possibly) the only two peaceful moments of the trip (!) My first mistake was telling Winston we would see some boats, my second was taking Ru out of the house when he hadn’t napped properly and my third was forgetting the bread to feed the ducks. I’m not sure what I was thinking! I thought we’d have a lovely morning out…well I was wrong!

W: Desperate to feed the ducks, yet absolutely petrified of them.

R: We’ve discovered that Rufus absolutely loves going on the swing (like most children I suspect) – a great opportunity to capture his four recent teeth. The top ones are huge, just like Winston’s were.

E xx


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