The 52 Project – 37/52


IMAG0965“A portrait of my boys,once a week, every week, in 2014″.

R: Rufus has learnt how to clap this week and he loves thrilling us all with it. I am loving this stage – he’s really starting to interact and soak everything up.

W: We’ve been working on the garden this week which means our house has been a mess. Lots of mud everywhere, and we’ve been working well into the evening (I use ‘we’ lightly, as it’s mostly been Jared). On Friday night we decided to go to Pizza Express for a little break. Winston ate a three course meal and had his first babyccino (frothy milk with chocolate on top). The waitress was not convinced he could eat his way through a starter, main and dessert…but he did, and he even mentioned that he was hungry on the way home! I love the position of his left hand.

One of my favourite moments this week was walking around Sainsbury’s with the two of them hysterically laughing at each other. It fills my heart and I just want to squash them.

E xx


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