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I resent spending money on clothes when I know I can get them cheaper elsewhere. These days I am far more about quality, cut and design rather than fast, cheap fashion that ages quickly. I’ve never been one to buy particularly expensive clothing but eBay now allows me to buy higher quality items that I wouldn’t normally be able to afford. I get a huge buzz out of scoring a ridiculously good deals and I don’t sweat too much if I win something I’m unsure about…because I can easily sell it on with little effort. Once you’ve got your head around eBay it is so quick to work with and can save you heaps of money. You do have to have a little patience though.

I’ve also started buying things out of season, but only if I know exactly what I want. Items such as boots, coats and jumpers will sell far cheaper on eBay this time of year and the opposite is true for summer clothing. This can’t really be done on more fashion forward items because the demand for them is consistent all year round.

On another note, don’t you hate it when you realise you’re turning into your Mum? My Mum always insisted we bought real leather shoes for school. The real leather ones were usually uglier and clumpy. The deal was, that if we wanted faux leather, cheap ones we had to buy them with our own money. Being older and a tiny bit wiser than when I was in my teens I’ve realised that real leather is the only way forward with shoes and boots. eBay means they cost a fraction of the price and you’ll be surprised how many people sell things that have never been worn.

Here are some items I’ve bought recently (not all from eBay) that I’m excited to wear:


George at Asda Orange Dress £22 – eBay £6

river island ankle boots

River Island Tassel Ankle Boots £45 – Sale £20

HObbs wool mix skirt midi

HOBBS Wool Midi Skirt £119 – Outlet Store £7

hobbs talia bronze and black heels

HOBBS Talia Black & Bronze Heels  £159 – Outlet Store £7

hobbs london wool blazer

 HOBBS Old Gold Wool Blazer £199 – Outlet Store £12

I’ve had my eye on a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses for a while now, and come November/December I’ll be keeping my beady eBay eyes open for a great price.

Shopping on eBay is recycling!

E xx



  1. 13th August 2014 / 12:23 am

    Great tips and bargains … took your advice and just got my winter jacket. £60 down to £18. £42 saving..not too shabby 🙂

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