DIY Ombré curtains

At the moment I seem to gravitate towards white when it comes to anything household. It makes everything feel so crisp and fresh, allowing you to experiment with colour in other ways. We have quite a few pairs of white curtains in our home, and just before I was putting the last pair up I remembered I had seen these curtains on the anthropologie website a few months ago.

contemporary-curtainsI really loved them and thought I would have a go to jazz up my rather plain white ones. It was surprisingly quick, easy and cheap!

What you need:

– A white pair of curtains (white or light depending on what you want to achieve)

– A bucket

– A packet of fabric dye. I used Rit Golden Yellow and the colour turned out very close to the box.

– Hot water


How to: 

1. Prewash your curtains to get them ready to dye and to ensure they are stain free. Keep the curtains wet.

2. Mix up the dye bath in the bucket following the instructions on the packet. You need hot water. Only fill the bucket as deep as you would like the ombre to go.

3. Once the dye bath is ready, carefully insert the section of the curtain you would like to dye and leave in for 30 minutes (or longer depending on your desired colour).

4. Once the 30 minutes is up rinse the curtains with warm water, then cold water until the water runs clear.

5. Rinse and spin the curtains in the washing machine.

6. Dry and iron the curtains, ready to hang.

ombre curtains

ombre curtains diy

I’m rather pleased with the outcome. They do have a subtle hippy feel to them which I’m not sure about (!) but Jared says he likes them and I’m sure I’ll get used to them. I think dyeing the bottom section would also look pretty cool.

I wonder what other projects I could get up to with powder dye? Rit has a great range of colours. I got mine from my local haberdashery.

E xx


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