Blackberries, baking and birds

We were a bit greedy yesterday and ventured back to our blackberry spot to pick some more. I genuinely feel sorry for the blackberries that are not getting picked – what a waste of good soil, sunlight and water! Winston had them on porridge and we made a variation of these blackberry bars, so that Ru wouldn’t be left out. The three of us enjoyed them very much.

Summer 2011 130

Summer 2011 131

Summer 2011 137

Summer 2011 162

Winston has been asking to bake for a few days after he saw some car biscuits in a book…and when he wants to bake he doesn’t forget about it. The next pictures is what he had set up after I returned from the toilet. He had got everything ready, sat on a stool and I couldn’t really say no.


He was much more patient and excited about the decorating side of things than he ever has been.

Summer 2011 153

Summer 2011 155

Summer 2011 157

Summer 2011 158

Jared is the one that keeps on top of feeding the birds in our house, but I found a simple project that Winston and I could do together to give them a little treat. All you do is collect pine cones, smother them in almond or peanut butter, roll in seeds and then hang. I’m starting to look forward to autumn, but I need to accomplish a few more things from my summer list before it arrives.

Summer 2011 143

Summer 2011 147

Summer 2011 149

Summer 2011 152

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