The 52 Project – 31/52

sleepy toddler lumber jack shirt

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“A portrait of my boys,once a week, every week, in 2014″

W: Winston has always been a great napper. The last year or so he has napped for 1, 2 or even 3 hours if he’s had some sleep to catch up on! Sadly we are coming to the end of this era and if we’re in the house, I don’t put him to bed. However, it’s not a huge worry come bedtime if he falls asleep in the car or in the buggy during the day. He takes a while to ‘come round’ from his naps and this is him getting himself ready to re-enter the conscious world. I love the way he is squashing his nose.

R: Rufus has slept through for the past couple of nights (11pm-6/7am) which has been lovely. We’re going to miss when he drops his 11pm feed because it’s the only time that is spent with just him out of most days. He is so cuddly and we end up keeping him up longer than (strictly) necessary.

E xx


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