Vita Coco Kids

The lovely people at Vita Coco Kids sent us some samples of their naturally flavoured coconut water, available in either apple and blackcurrant, or mango and pineapple. Personally, I love Vita Coco and it is something I buy when I’m out and about if I fancy something other than water. I’m not massively keen on plain coconut water, but I do love the flavoured ones and so does Winston (of course).

Winston is a very happy water drinker and I want to keep it that way. Juice is not a regular thing in our house, but if Winston knows we have some ‘in-house’, he just goes on and on and on…and on…and on about it. The less sugar he has, the less he asks about it, which saves me a few unnecessary battles. He always drinks juice as a ‘whole in one’ so he ends up needing the toilet about five times in a half an hour period. Sipping on water is  always the preferred option.

Vita Coco Kids drinks are not something I would keep in the house, but I would certainly buy them in favour of every single other kids drink, or so Winston feels like he is having a treat when we’re out for the day. Vita Coco Kids are a great choice because they only contain natural sugars and far less natural sugars than kids smoothies. For Winston and I, these could replace actual juice the way that Nak’d bars replace chocolate bars (obviously he knows what the real thing is too), and dairy free and sugar free ‘ice-cream’ (made solely out of frozen bananas and coconut milk) replaces actual ice-cream – which is gorgeous by the way.


We made some ice lollies as soon as they arrived which we enjoyed after dinner a couple of nights in a row. Winston said they were tasty, despite giving himself a bad case of brain freeze!



We received these Vita Coco samples free of charge to taste and enjoy!

E xx


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