Pants and potty training

I was completely dreading the whole potty training experience. I was worried that I couldn’t dedicate enough time and energy to it, plus I’d heard some horror stories – lots and lots of them. I’m quite an all or nothing person, so I chose a day to start, stayed in for three days and just went for it. I knew Winston being in and out of nappies wouldn’t work for me or him. Too much confusion for both of us. Thankfully it went far better than I anticipated.

We used Lora Jensen’s Potty Training in 3 Days (which has very mixed reviews) as a guide after a recommendation from a friend. I liked the sound of it because you never force them to sit unnecessarily on the toilet or potty, and you literally have to throw all nappies away – yes really! Eek. Plus, you ‘potty train’ day and night all at once (I told you I was an all or nothing person).

I admit I did not have much faith in conquering day time training as well as night time training, but I suppose it completely makes sense and must be far less confusing. These little people are far more intelligent then we give them credit for sometimes! As I was throwing the nappies away A.K.A. putting them outside to give to my sister in law, I did have a minor freak out in my head.

Me to Winston: “You won’t be needing nappies anymore because you’ll be wearing pants like Mummy and Daddy”

…in my head: “Oh my goodness, what on earth am I going to do? This is the worst idea ever! Jared, I’m not ready!”

He’s been out of nappies about 7 weeks and now he rarely has an accident. Of course there have been occasions that have been less successful, like wetting himself three times and pooing himself once in the space of a two hour playgroup. I have no idea what was going on that day – it was mad! and you do go through an obscene amount of pants in the first few days, but if they’re ready they will learn quickly.

The keys for night time training:

– Encourage them to go to the toilet twice during the bedtime routine. Once when you first go upstairs and once just before they go to bed. At first Winston wanted to go 5 or 6 times before bed. I think he was nervous.

– If they want a drink after dinner, it needs to be a very small one.

– As soon as you hear them rustle in the morning – get them up and take them to the toilet. Now Winston just gets himself up and goes before coming into our room which is so convenient. Then shouts until one of us gets out of bed to go downstairs with him…not so convenient.


Now it’s over with I feel utterly ridiculous for dreading it so much – I woke up on the chosen day feeling so anxious. Perhaps Rufus won’t be so obliging when the time comes! The only thing left to deal with is his obsession with weeing outside: “Mummy, I want to wee on that tree over there”.

…but overall, we love pants!

E xx



  1. Becky
    26th June 2014 / 1:33 am

    How old is he E?

    • 26th June 2014 / 10:11 am

      Hey Becky! He was two in March so he was close to the 26 month mark. Lora Jensen says that most kids over 22 months are ready. A bold statement!… and one I can’t vouch for! xx

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