Nature in the Home – May Day

The earliest May Day celebrations appeared in pre-Christian times with the festival of Flora. May Day will be best known to us today through the tradition of maypole dancing and the crowning of the Queen of May. In former times, another tradition on May Day was the giving of ‘May Baskets’ anonymously to friends or neighbours. This tradition is now disappearing. Lou over at Little Green Shed has been encouraging people to resurrect the Pagan tradition of giving ‘May Baskets’ to friends and neighbours this May Day – to brighten their day. I thought it was such a lovely, simple idea and knew I wanted to get involved.


Lou suggests a 21st Century ‘May Basket’ to be a small jam jar filled with Spring blooms hung on a doorknob, or left on a doorstop. I have a fairly limited variety of flowers in my garden but managed to scrimp together a few creations to give away. I am so excited to deposit them on unsuspecting friends and neighbours. I wonder if they will know it’s me? I hope not!

Happy May Day!



E xx


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