Grow Your Own Pizza

We spent last Saturday morning at a free ‘Grow Your Own Pizza’ session organised by Incredible Edible Wakefield that I discovered via Facebook. I am really trying to make sure that we have a family activity planned for each Saturday – otherwise we end up in the house with frustrated parents and an even more frustrated toddler. Thankfully the baby just chills.

We arrived on time (which is unusual for us), and started the day putting together a ‘Grow Your Own Pizza’ mini garden to take away. In ours we put sweetcorn, tomato, lettuce, basil, oregano and spring onions. Apparently a plastic fish and chip fork is ideal for lifting seedlings – a great tip for the future!





IMAG0603 (1)


Incredible Edible is about making a difference by growing healthy, local food, and turning where we live into more vibrant and resilient communities. The schemes are popping up everywhere in the UK and each offer a variety of events.

We were showered by plenty of rain and Winston’s concentration was somewhat hit and miss, but all in all it was a fantastic opportunity to do something new, and chat to some interesting people who work wonders in the community.




After making our mini garden it was then time to make our own pizzas using dough and a selection of toppings. Mine was rather tasty. After pizza eating we took part in a scavenger hunt to identify nine different vegetable plants.





Jared and I have decided that a pizza oven is on out wish list when we move to our next house – not for a few years (I hope), but still something to look forward to!

E xx


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