Exiting toddlerhood


It’s occurred to me recently that Winston is fast exiting toddlerhood into boyhood. All of a sudden he isn’t sleeping in a cot any more, isn’t wearing nappies and is outside playing football and getting to grips with his scooter at every possible moment. He no longer toddles around but can run, jump and climb. These things seem to have slowly crept up on us and have seamlessly become part of life.

I thought the move from a cot would be a big life event but it just happened. He climbed out of his cot, so it was just a case of – let’s take the side off and hope for the best. I feel coming out of nappies should also have been a big life event, but has also just happened.

He is becoming so much more independent – deciding what he wants to do, where he wants to go and tries to control what he eats (not so fast mister). I must admit I am finding this stage of his development quite trying. One minute we have an easy going, polite, thoughtful boy and the next we have contrary, boundary pushing boy, who has an answer for everything. It can be difficult to remember how important it is for him to push the boundaries, so Jared and I have the opportunity to define them and set behavioural expectations. I’m not sure my patience is improving, but I am trying incredibly hard.

I am always wondering what the future has in store for each of us and who else will join our family. Where will we be and what will we be doing in five, ten years time?

E xx


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