A sleep deprived, yet happy week

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This week has been a happy one – aside from Monday, which for some reason was particularly difficult and I’d prefer to forget! However, we did have friends over Monday evening which was lovely – we chatted away until late. Sleep has not been great this week as Rufus (the ex- star sleeper) has decided to wake up lots between 12-6am, but thankfully I don’t feel like I’ve suffered too much during the day.

When Jared has a client to see in London we take the opportunity to visit my brother in Northampton, so Tuesday was spent at Open Mead Farm with my sister in law and nephew. It was on the expensive side, but it really was fantastic. There was so much to do and the outdoor play area is the best I’ve ever seen. Winston fed goats and stroked some rabbits. I’m really trying to encourage confidence around animals – I have none and I really don’t want him to be like me (!)


Wednesday we went on a long walk, bought fruit at the market and met cousins for a picnic in the park. The little ones fed the ducks and played football, then we all enjoyed a simple, yet tasty spread. In the afternoon he went to his football class which he seems to really enjoy (when he’s had a nap).

Thursday we took Winston for some injections at the doctors. I thought he wouldn’t think too much of it, but he got really upset – nothing that a punnet of blueberries didn’t fix though. We have to go back, and I’m certain he’ll remember as soon as we arrive. Good luck to us! It was followed by a nice walk into town and shopping for a birthday present. I managed to get some of my quilt done in the evening.

Today we went to the dentist then bumped into some friends in town. We had a lovely time strolling around semi-purposefully and thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine. Winston hops in and out of the buggy and Rufus is just happy to be alive!

My favourite thing at the moment is Jared and Winston (and sometimes Rufus too) going to the green near our house after dinner to play out. I’m not sure what they do, but more than happy to be left out and let them enjoy some time together.


The weather has been glorious which means I cracked out my sad selection of sandals – two pairs to be precise, both of which are falling apart. I wasn’t planning on buying some new ones but saw these and loved them.


Tomorrow we are going to a barbecue. I’m hoping to catch some rays and have a decent amount of time on the bouncy castle!

E xx

p.s. It is SO hard to remember to take pictures. How do you remember to take pictures?


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