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Before I had kids I honestly thought babies were the most boring thing ever. I just didn’t get them and would hope that new Mum’s wouldn’t ever ask me to hold their precious new baby. I had no idea what to do with them and no confidence in handling them – despite having 6 younger siblings. Some of my friends were even surprised that I wanted children! Fast forward a good few years and I am already fascinated by the sounds my 3 month old is making – it’s already incredible how it’s changing and I wish I’d taken more interest when Winston was a baby. Apparently experts can tell what language a baby will speak as soon as they start making their first sounds – how amazing is that?

Winston has been talking in sentences for quite some time. For a long time he was a parrot and would repeat everything we said to him, including when we asked him if he was a parrot. We quickly realised that we needed to be much more careful what we said to each other, and to him – to prevent any awkward situations (!) We also quickly realised he has a ridiculously good memory – which I think is true of most young children. He would remember things we’d only mentioned once or twice, which could have created some uncomfortable situations. I am trying to make sure my speech is always positive and uplifting – FAR easier said than done. Growing up my Mum was rather strict about the language we were allowed to use in the house. The term “shut up” was banned and I never understood why until now. Mum used to mutter under her breath how she didn’t want her children shouting “shut up” to her, so she wouldn’t say it to us. We used to say “S.U.” to each other instead and feel rather naughty. Unruly – I KNOW. We were far worse – don’t worry! It is so true. I certainly don’t want my two year old shouting “shut up” and other associated insults at me.

I have loved listening to how his language has developed from copying sentences – to forming his own – then to using expressions (in the correct context) such as; “never mind”, “not now” and “doesn’t matter”. I do not understand how such small people can soak up so much information, so quickly. I think the next stage is going to be learning how to answer more difficult questions. In the past week or so he has started using the 1st person about half of the time and is grasping the use of me, you and I.


Winston really feels like he is something grand at the moment. In his head he is the King, the rooster, the main man, as well as the ruler of our house. He has started bossing me around, which worries me slightly, but mostly makes me snigger with my face turned so he can’t see. Sometimes he has a little strut on him which I also find hilarious, and results in further hiding of my face. Who on earth does he think he is? I would love to know.

Here are some of the things he is throwing at me millions of times a day:

“No Mummy”

“Watch Mummy”

“Don’t say that Mummy”

“Can’t say that Mummy”

“Stop talking Mummy”

“Shall we do it together Mummy?”

“In a minute Mummy”

“What’s happening Mummy?”

“Come here Mummy, NOW!”

He’s also started saying yes at the end of sentences to try and get what he wants. It is definitely hardcore manipulation.

“Chocolate, yeah?”

“Winston go to the park, yeah?”

“Winston eat sweeties, yeah?”

“I go to the shop, pay money, eat chocolate,yeah?”

“Winston go to Grandpa’s house, yeah?”

“Winston go to playgroup, sit down, eat biscuit, yeah?”

“Winston go to the train station, yeah?”

Why are children so obsessed with sweets and chocolate? It is driving me bonkers at the moment. Every single day – maybe he can sense it’s around Easter? I try to be a ‘yes type parent’, but sweets, chocolate, juice and biscuits are things that I say no to 90% of the time.

It’s all so incredibly fascinating!

E xx



  1. Sam
    22nd April 2014 / 8:27 pm

    This post made me laugh.
    And P.s. Wow Rufus looks so much like Winston in that pic at the top!

  2. 25th April 2014 / 2:39 pm

    Sam. I’m glad you liked it! They sometimes look really similar but often don’t. I was so desperate for Winston to start talking but I really don’t think I’ll mind if Rufus is a late one – the cheekiness can wait! xx

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