‘Football Training’

I must confess that when my husband announced that he would be taking Winston to his first football session a mere 6 days after he turned two, I did have a minor major laughing fit. I can’t imagine anything more pointless than a room of 2-4 year olds attempting to ‘play’ football. Would they even kick a football?

The two of them took off together dressed in their sports gear and equipped with water (somehow I managed to find an England shirt for W to wear in the back of his drawer? Not sure who planted that). I loved the thought of the two of them having something that I’m not part of, as I tend to take over (not on purpose) when it’s the four of us, and I absolutely love it when Winston comes home and has lots to tell me.

Apparently ‘football training’ included lots of drills – picking up the ball, lying down, standing up, running, picking up cones, clapping and jumping. I’m not convinced that it will help Winston become the pro footballer Jared wants him to be (!) but certainly good for teaching Winston how to follow instructions, learning new ways to use his body and gaining physical confidence.

Jared said it was one of his favourite ever experiences with Winston, and they shared an after training treat which is just so special. I have warned Jared that he is not allowed to be disappointed or pushy if W decides football isn’t one of his interests as he grows up, but I do hope they have a passion they can share, even if it doesn’t turn out to be football.

I’m still not even sure if they kicked a football? Must find out.


E xx


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