Drink water and sleep, kind of week

This week we have ignored any sort of day time routine and just gone with the flow. I felt off until Thursday and Winston has been uncharacteristically tired too – even though he’s been napping and sleeping through. I think I have been run down after a week with Jared’s family and then a weekend with my family. I’ve been forgetting to drink water, staying up too late, talking too much and eating sporadically, rather than regularly. Water makes such a huge difference to how I feel and if I’m not at home or in my usual routine I rarely remember to drink it. Sleep has been the biggest healer though, and Winston has allowed me a few long naps this week. I’m back on track and hoping to hit my usual gym class tonight.


Yesterday we spent the morning in the garden, all had naps and then headed out about 4pm for a nice long walk – which ended up lasting 2 hours. Jared was working late so there was just the three of us for dinner.




Winston has decided he rather likes dogs, after meeting one at my parents house over the weekend. He spent a lot of energy chasing dogs at the gardens in our local town, shouting at the top of his voice: “COME HERE DOG”! then bounding after them. I did not hold it together very well – it was hysterical. He saw a cat on the way home and shouted “COME HERE CAT!” and didn’t seem to understand why the cat ran away.





…and as for Rufus – well he just seems to fit in with anything. He is literally the happiest, most relaxed baby ever – his never ending joy genuinely shocks me. I’m sure I learnt a few things first time around, but it’s mostly him.


He was wearing a vest reading “WHAT A NICE DAY” the other day, and this seems to sum up his outlook on life at the moment…no matter how much drama his older brother causing. He brings so much peace and happiness to our home!

20140424_152523E xx


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