Aromatherapy in the home

Aromatherapy is so easy to incorporate into your every day life and I recently realised how much I use it. Most days I would say. Essential oils have a wide range of qualities; whether you require peace and relaxation, enhanced focus, grounding or feel the need to be energised – there is one for you. Their effect can be subtle, instant or deep.

doterra essential oils

Here is where I use it around my home:

Lemon is in the shower. We have already had quite a few hot days this year where I’ve needed more than my usual soap to feel fresh again. I just put a few drops on my hand and dab under my arms. Attractive I know.

Tea tree and peppermint are on my bedside table. Tea tree is fantastically good for breakouts. Useful when treating fungal infections, adding to aloe vera for sunburn – brilliant! and great for insect bites. I have a quick sniff of peppermint if I’m feel headachey and tired, as it instantly uplifts. Peppermint is also great when making homemade cleaning products.

Lavender by the bath. It’s no secret that lavender essential oil has the most therapeutic properties and is used for relaxation.

Lime in the washing powder box – before lime it was tangerine. Whatever I fancy goes into the washing powder drawer, with my homemade washing powder.

Eucalyptus in Winston’s bedroom for when he gets a chesty cold. I add this to his vapouriser or add to a carrier oil and rub into his back. When I have a head cold I have a eucalyptus – boiling water in bowl – towel session. Magical.

Other useful oils to have in your home:

Parsley for the shoe cupboard when shoes start to smell unsavoury.

Chamomile for relaxation – vapourised or in the bath. You can just enjoy a chamomile tea, if you prefer.

Rose is the most expensive oil but has lots of uses and smells divine! Rose water is an excellent toner and much cheaper.

Always keep oils out of reach of children – even older children. Before you start using any oils, make sure you familiarise yourself with the safety guidelines

What will you discover?

E xx



  1. Angela Milnes
    25th May 2015 / 9:21 pm

    Why is it every time I look at your blog, I feel the urge to jump in the car and come visit your home? It must be the creative pictures and the welcoming relaxing atmosphere! I love the suggestion for Parsley. I should stick some in John’s shoes lol. Angela xx

    Angela recently wrote A Princess Themed Party- through a chronically unwell Mother’s eye’s

    • 29th May 2015 / 10:53 pm

      Ang! I would LOVE it if you came to my house. It has been TOO LONG! We need to have poached eggs, tomatoes and rye bread together soon xx

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