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This past week we were fortunate enough to enjoy a holiday to Center Parcs with Jared’s family. It was lots of fun and I loved having no signal, no internet and not knowing where my phone was. I think a technology break a few times a year is a wonderful thing. The first day it feels strange, but then after a day or two I couldn’t care less if people don’t know where I am or what I’m doing, and I lose interest in what other people are doing. Somehow it’s quite liberating! Rufus enjoyed his first time ‘swimming’ whilst we were there.

We managed to unpack just about everything yesterday, so today we have been able to enjoy our normal Saturday activities. We usually have a quick chat on a Friday night to plan the next day. We always include a few jobs that need doing and a child friendly activity – which last week was flying rockets and this week turned out to be unexpectedly crafty. I decided Winst and I would make an Easter tree. I found a few broken branches in our garden and we were ready to go. Winston’s concentration for crafts is definitely improving and he has started to enjoy drawing over recent months. We blew some real eggs and decorated them, arranged the branches in a suitable jar, then tied all of the eggs to the tree with thread. He managed some pretty wacky creations and I think it looks fabulous.



Easter is a beautiful time of year – recently I’ve been thinking that Easter should signify the New Year, rather than the 31st December. It is full of hope, new beginnings and a such a special celebration of life and creation, whether you are religious or not. Jared and I have both been raised in Christian families and our beliefs are something we have a strong desire to share with our children. I can see our Easter tree becoming an accidental tradition, as it was thoroughly enjoyable and it is surprisingly pleasing to look at!





We got started on the tiling in our kitchen too – so far, so good. We got about half done. Overall it was straight forward and rather relaxing! I think it will take me a while to get used to – the walls have been bare for so long.

20140419_162520E xx


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