Outside in Yorkshire


It’s amazing how much difference a couple of degrees makes and a touch of sunshine breaking through the clouds. It’s no secret that the outdoors is good for us but I really have felt mentally invigorated each time I’ve been out recently. The wind certainly wakes you up…which is great as I’ve lacked energy this past week. Broken sleep may have finally caught up with me!

I’ve noticed that Winston can walk much further than a few months ago. He used to get tired quite quickly and dip in and out of the buggy, but his little legs seem to be able to carry him on and on and he’s become a great little walker (mostly in wellies of course). We enjoyed a day at Lotherton Hall walking around the extensive aviary and having something warm to eat in the cafe. The park is also brilliant and ensured Winston was absolutely shattered by 2pm. He wasn’t massively enthused by all the birds…more by a passing tractor (typical) but he did seem to have a particular liking for one large owl.

We have been to feed the ducks, for a woodland walk near our home, to the park, attended an outdoor play session, been in the garden (realised we should do this much more) and visited Meanwood Urban Valley Farm in Leeds which was really, really good. I’m going to make an effort to visit places each week and work on becoming more social (one of my New Year’s Resolutions, as we all know I find socialising rather scary). Fairburn Ings is close to our home so it will probably become one of our regular haunts!









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