Two new addictions – juicing and quilting

This week I have been completely addicted to quilting and juicing – both of which I have only become acquainted with in the last week. Every single day this week I have done a bit of both and they’re making me very happy! 🙂 This post will be on juicing and I’ll post later in the week about my new love of quilting.

I’ve been lusting after a Vitamix since my Mum bought one about 4 years ago. They are amazing and she has made all sorts with hers including almond milk, soup, coconut milk, smoothies and nut butters. After realising that even a second hand one on eBay was more than a tad out of our budget I accepted the fact that it was fine to buy an appliance that wasn’t a Vitamix. I wish I’d accepted this fact much earlier as my juicing adventures could have started much sooner – even though a Vitamix isn’t even a juicer. Confused? Me too. There is no logic as to why I didn’t buy a juicer long ago. We purchased the Dualit 88305 (which I’m very happy with) from eBay for £50 after a recommendation. Upon it’s arrival I eagerly looked in our fridge to see what I could cram into my first juice, or more accurately what needed eating. I went with:

– Two apples

– 3 sticks of celery

– A hunk of cucumber

– Copious amounts of spinach

Totally gorgeous! I have downloaded the Juice Master App (which is brilliant but costs money) to my phone, done some reading and got Jared started on a 3 day juicing detox. How kind of me. Winston has really cut down on the amount of food he eats (although he did eat a whole punnet of tomatoes during food shopping this week) and has also got more choosy, so I may try to give him a green juice with his breakfast to ensure he’s had a shot of goodness for the day.


Here are some recipes we’ve tried:


– 2 oranges

– 4 carrots

– a bunch of fresh mint

– 1cm of fresh ginger


– 2 apples

– whole lime, peeled

– quarter of a cucumber

– half a courgette

– 2 sticks of celery

– 2 florets of broccoli

– a handful of spinach


– 2 green apples

– 2 tbsp plain yoghurt

– half a banana (blended in after juicing the rest)

– 2 handfuls of frozen mixed berries

They have been very tasty! There is something so satisfying about shoving all that fruit and veg down the chute and watching the juice pour out. I didn’t realise how easy it would be, plus all parts of the juicer separate and are dishwasher safe – essential.

Some pictures of my oh-so-eager helper. He was unbelievably excited and squealing with delight. The juicer is named “Mummy’s Machine”. Couldn’t have put it better myself.



I’ve also recently rediscovered my love for raw cocoa coconut balls. An excellent guilt free snack for toddlers and adults alike, and so easy!

E xx


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