DIY Knitting Pattern – The Maltese Hat


I knitted a grey Maltese Hat for when Winston was born, and lots of people have asked for the pattern. I have since knitted a green and a navy one. It is amended slightly from an Elizabeth Zimmermann American pattern, and my Mum has finally written down the UK pattern that has been in her head for so long!

Here is the pattern for the newborn size. To go up each size just cast on two extra stitches at the beginning and adjust the pattern accordingly.

Wool: Super soft aran 100% wool 100g

Needles: 6mm circular needle 30cm

5 x 6mm double pointed needles

  • Cast on 36 stitches with the thumb method. Do not join. Knit 10 rows in garter stitch (makes 5 ridges).
  • Ear flaps
    K17 turn, k to the end. K15 turn, k to the end. K13 turn, k to the end.  K11 turn, knit to the end. K9 turn, knit to the end.  K7 turn, knit to the end. K8 turn,knit to the end. K10 turn, knit to the end. K12 turn, knit to the end. K14 turn, knit to the end. K16 turn, knit to the end. Knit one row.
  • Repeat from * for second ear flap.
  • Next row (RS). K15 (M1,K1) 6 times. K15.
  • Using the backward loop method cast on 14 stitches = 56 stitches. Join in the round.  Increase 4 stitches evenly spaced on the 4th row making 60 stitches in total. Work 10 rows in stocking stitch working 1st , 2nd and 3rd rows across the front in purl.
  • Work enough rounds to the shaping of the crown.
  • Put 15 stitches on 4 DPN and decrease by knitting two together at the end of each DPN until 4 stitches remain.
  • Work an ‘I’ cord  (use YouTube) on remaining stitches for preferred length.
  • Break wool and thread tail through remaining stitches and secure end to RS.

Then you are done! 🙂
E xx



  1. Maria
    1st November 2014 / 3:55 am

    Thank you so very much for your instructions. I’ve been struggling with Elizabeth Zimmermann’s instructions and am so glad that your instructions are very detailed- especially when you say which cast on method should be used. I just love the hat Winston is wearing.Thank you again.

    • 4th November 2014 / 9:00 pm

      No problem – I find them tricky too. Send me a picture if you end up knitting one. I would love to see it! I’ve always thought it would look good in red.

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