An empty week filled

This week has been a strange one. I thought by Monday I would be holding a newborn baby in my arms…and if not Monday – surely by Wednesday? and if not Wednesday – surely by Friday? Here I am on Friday – 11 days overdue, without child or even the slightest niggle. Does our child really not want to meet us that much? I am starting to feel a bit stressed as the words: ‘induction’ and ‘hospital’ are starting to come out of the midwives’ mouths. All of which I really want to avoid. They’re happy to leave me until Monday before we have to discuss it again. I’ve been in for monitoring today and all looks good in the hood, so I’m feeling much more positive.

The terrific thing about this week is that I hadn’t planned anything, so I’ve been treating every day as if it’s mine and Winston’s last day together and asking him what he wants to do, which inevitably means we have visited the train station on no fewer than three occasions. I really have to try and be enthusiastic but I am not massively into train spotting. We’ve also been to the soft play area, drank hot chocolate and eaten biscuits, ridden all the bikes, trucks and cars at Toys ‘R’ Us, played football at the park and I was even generous enough to actually pay for one of the digger rides in a shopping centre (who on earth invented these? They cause so much trouble!)  all in the name of our ‘last day together’. It seems we have had about 10 days deemed ‘our last day together’.

It has been so much fun and quite tiring.  It has got me thinking about how differently we would treat people or what we would change about our lives if it was our last day with a certain person or in a certain place. It is so important that we try and make the most of each day and live it to the absolute max. I’m really going to try and practice this more.

Once the baby has arrived I hope to get crafting as soon as…plus I’m sure health and exercise will be very much on my mind.










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