Toys and bed

Every night before Winston goes to bed we ask him what he would like to take to bed, so he will usually select a few trains. Sometimes however, he gets a massive armful of trucks, cars, trains and toys which he asks me to help him carry. I’m really not sure what he plans on doing with them, but I love how he marches into his room and starts shoving them through the side of the cot…we remove them later once he’s asleep – they can’t be that comfortable to snuggle with and can take up a lot of room! He is also rather attached to blankets and has an array in his cot that he excitedly snuggles when he gets into bed.


He is getting to the stage where he remembers everything. I remember my Mum telling me that there gets a stage when you can’t tell children what is coming – if you want a moments peace. I made this mistake last Friday. I told him he was going to Grandma’s house and he must have said ‘Grandma’s house’ about 500 times in the space of 4 hours…to which I have to reply: ‘yes we are going to Grandma’s house’ – otherwise he just says it louder and louder. I was going insane!!! We have now resolved to tell him what he is doing about half an hour before we leave for the exciting event, to save us considering having to wear ear plugs.

When this particular photograph was taken I’d told him he was going swimming in the morning, which obviously necessitates taking armbands to bed with you. Got to love their little quirks!

E xx


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  1. Mary
    16th January 2014 / 4:52 pm

    Ethan does this also – whenever we leave the house or its bedtime he grabs armfuls of toys, its as if hes never going to see them again! Love it ,… great post

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