Basic sewing for a handmade Christmas

I must admit my Christmas sewing has been a bit of a cop out – lots of pajama bottoms and a few other basic items such as hot water bottle covers and pin cushions. Disappointing I know! I had visions of making all things great and small, but I have been so busy with various projects, that I’ve had to make items that I know I can knock out in 30 mins or so. Sewing feels so much less stressful than going to the shops…even though my personal assistant is prone to throw tantrums, along with pins and any other bits he can find. He is also quite erratic on the foot pedal, but somehow we manage some output with a few snacks to help us along.

Summer 2011 170

I don’t often go to The Fabric Warehouse in Wakefield but I popped by yesterday and found this gem. It’s already a pair of pajama bottoms and I’m wondering what to do with the rest – hopefully something more ambitious than another pair of pajama bottoms!


I am not a hot water bottle person (these days I am boiling all the time) but I am pretty proud of this quilted hot water bottle cover that I have made for a special family member in – I love it! Don’t look too closely as my PA was having rather irregular spurts on the foot pedal:

Summer 2011 173

My soundtrack to sewing has been most enjoyable – I almost feel 15 again and it has been emotional at times. Destiny’s Child, old school Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men and Beyonce. I’d forgotten how much I love the song “End Of The Road” and the video really takes you back!

…also check out this discovery:

Summer 2011 162

I’m not mean enough to deprive Winston of chocolate on Christmas Day but what a fabulous notion. I’m sure I’ll end up buying a few! This one was spotted in Boots.

E xx


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