What I’m looking forward to after giving birth

I feel like there are so many things in my life that I’m looking forward to at the moment; aside from a new baby and Christmas, the two other things I’m most looking forward to are sleeping on my front again and doing some proper exercise – so excited.  

I’ve been sleeping much better this pregnancy than the last – perhaps because I’m more exhausted at the end of each day so I just collapse. Normally I always sleep on my back or front which is impossible from about 30 weeks, so side sleeping becomes the new norm…I hate it and it takes so long to get comfortable. Plus it doesn’t feel attractive having to shove a load of duvet underneath your belly to keep it supported. Looking forward to sleeping on my front again feels similar to when you have a hot shower after being camping for a week with unheated showers and you constantly feel a bit grimy, or similar to when you have been freezing for hours and hours and you finally get to drink hot chocolate and have a bath. Priceless.  A few days after having Winston I remember diving on my bed and feeling so happy! I can’t wait for that feeling again, although it is tainted with the fact that broken sleep will also become the new norm. Four weeks to go.

I’m not a super exerciser or a gym bunny but I do enjoy keeping fit and trying to eat healthily. Exercise these days involves weekly Pilates and walking, which usually involves a stitch and a few uncomfortable pains. I find it quite frustrating and really want to go running or do a good round of sit ups. I was quite fit before getting pregnant as I did run a marathon when 3 weeks pregnant (unbeknown to me) – whoops. After Winston I started exercising when he was about 2 weeks old. I know the recommended time is 6 weeks but I felt completely fine so I just went ahead and got started, the sooner the better I thought. I restarted my Pilates at 2 weeks; joining the more basic class, then started a workout DVD and running at around 3 weeks. I also went sugar free for the first 3 months – apart from scoffing lots of chocolate the first two days 🙂

I’m not naturally slim and I knew my body wasn’t the type to just ‘go back’ by itself. The best post-natal exercise DVD ever is Tracey Anderson Post Pregnancy. It is brilliant. Yes the music is irritating (and isn’t in time with the moves), yes her voice is irritating, and she never gets breathless (which is also quite irritating when the moves get difficult) – but I can overlook all of these annoyances because it works and you quickly notice improvements. It focuses heavily on your abs and core for obvious reasons!

tracy anderson

I used to try and do the exercise DVD during the day but quickly gave up.  I was so clueless about how newborns behave and Tracey suggests having your newborn near by or even involving them in the routine – who was she kidding? Completely impossible. Almost every time I tried during the day I had to stop and start about 10 times so it just wasn’t worth it. Sometimes it would end up in tears from the both of us and I would be so frustrated wondering why my newborn wouldn’t allow me 45 minutes of peace to do an exercise DVD.

It’s quite funny to look back on and this time I’ll know not to try daytime workout DVDs. When Winston was about 10 weeks old I felt almost completely back to normal and it was worth being motivated so early after having him. I’ll probably be a bit more relaxed this time around but honestly can’t wait to go for a run or do some sit ups. Bring it on!

E xx


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