DIY blackboard

Not much DIY progress has been made on our house recently. We’ve done lots of tidying and sorting, but not much of the painting and decorating that we should be doing. If we’re honest with ourselves the real reason is lack of motivation and contentment with the current state of our house (3 months ago it was a completely different story), but instead I’m going to blame it on the dark nights that greatly impair visibility. We wouldn’t want to do anything to a substandard would we?

One outcome that I am very happy with is the blackboard section that I painted under the stairs. I really love the contrast that the black and white create – aside from the fact that it is a functional blackboard. Winston is not massively into drawing – his current obsession is jigsaws, but I’m hoping that one day he will enjoy using it. We’ve been trying to teach him shapes – just three – but the blackboard has come in super handy and he’s nearly got them down. I bought him some chunky chalks, made a little drawstring bag to keep them in and added a hook.

Summer 2011 486 Summer 2011 487E xx


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