Birthing prep or more accurately – lack of

Yesterday I hit 37 weeks which means I am now eligible to give birth at home. I’m measuring perfectly and the baby is back to back which apparently isn’t too much of a concern when it’s your second, so everything is looking good. The midwife came around yesterday to drop off the birth box, to talk to Jared about logistics and to make sure we are ready…which we quickly realised we’re not.

Is the birth pool here? Errr no.

Have you packed your bag in case we need to transfer you to the hospital? No.

Have you packed any bag? Errr no.

Do you know where the birth pool is going? Errr no.

Have you got your old towels and shower curtains ready? Errr no.

What are you doing about childcare? Errrr.


First time around I had a spreadsheet documenting everything that we needed to buy, where we bought it from and how much each thing cost. This time it’s a bit of a shambles and I am certainly expecting baby no.2 to be late like Winston…a thought that needs to be vetoed asap. I have since written a list that I need to get through before tomorrow.

Yesterday I:

  • charged my iPod (although I discovered that my hypnobirthing files no longer seem to work so I’ll have to sort that one out).
  • bidded on a car seat on eBay (we sold our old one because it’s not compatible with the double buggy).
  • did some double buggy stalking on eBay.
  • went out to get some shower curtains (I’m not obsessed with shower curtains, they’re to cover the sofa).
  • washed the old towels.
  • packed Winston’s over night bag.
  • bought all the toiletry essentials for my birth bag.
  • decided what I’m buying Jared for Christmas – wahoo…and purchased him something on eBay (yes Jared, be excited).
  • washed my dressing gown.
  • packed the new baby’s bag.
  • painted my nails  😉  essential of course!
  • took the newborn clothes down from the loft and shoved them all in the wash.
  • took the baby hammock out of the loft.
  • took all the other baby clobber out of the loft and got my expressing gear ready.
  • bought a birth pool liner.
  • bought the new baby a first outfit and a matching one for Winston – feeling rather generous and ever so slightly cheesy.
  • realised that our birthing ball popped so I need to acquire one from somewhere – anyone?
  • checked my Mum is ok to be on call for childcare – despite helping my sister out with her premature twins for the past 14 weeks. Ah!
  • realised that we’ve had a new kitchen tap fitted so we need a new adapter.
  • picked up the birthing pool.





What would I do without eBay? and thank goodness there is the facility to hassle people for a buy it now price! Car seat and Christmas presents should be sorted very soon.

I am feeling so much better although if he came tonight we’d have to go to the birthing centre, but by tomorrow I think we’ll be sorted to ensure I can climb into my own bed straight afterwards.

So many people have mentioned how lovely a Christmas baby would be – what are they thinking? A few days after would be fine but not before!…all for selfish reasons of course, such as: eating my Christmas dinner in peace, finishing off my Christmas makes, getting to see my family as much as possible and catching up properly with friends. Of course it would be fine if he came before, but for practical reasons I have asked him to stay in until New Year’s Day at least. Nobody wants to be in labour on New Year’s Eve!

E xx


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