Getting ready for a home birth

After our very revealing encounter with the midwife – the one when we realised how unprepared we are for our new baby – I have had a massive organisational fest. It has been so lovely going through all Winston’s old clothes, for Jared and I to reminisce about Winston, the birth and to talk about how much Winston has changed.

Everything was ready for the new baby last Friday – all except the birth pool that is. I borrowed one from my friend last time (obviously you buy a new liner!) and was planning to do the same again. However, when it came to inflation time we quickly realised some small creatures had bitten holes in it. I hate mice!

Up until yesterday we were birth pool-less. I managed to secure a ‘buy it now’ price with a lovely lady on eBay and it arrived a few days later – eBay has once again saved my skin. I often wonder why I am such a last minute person (reckless some may say) and I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t function any other way. I’m a super organised person and mostly very relaxed, but I’m always very last minute. I had a liner, does that count? If I was ready on time and ridiculously prepared I’d probably be panicking that I’d forgotten something. Really not sure how all that works.

I am very happy to say that we are now with a pool and ready (practically) for the event to occur. I have asked the baby to stay put until the 3rd January – which is the date I think both of us will be 100% emotionally ready after the festivities of Christmas and New Year. The 3rd Jan is also one of the dates the midwife that delivered Winston is working. She is brilliant! so it would be amazing to have her deliver baby number two. By 3rd Jan we might have had chance to think about a name too. Naming a person feels like such a huge responsibility and we need to make sure we give it lots of thought.

I must confess that I am definitely feeling more nervous about birth this time round. Mostly because I had such a positive experience first time round and I feel like it would be difficult to improve upon. I feel like I can’t possibly have two such peaceful births twice in a row. Wish me luck!




The birth pool is called “Birth Pool in a Box Eco Regular”. Essentially it is a deep paddling pool. It is fabulous!

E xx


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