Daddy is the favourite

I have missed my blog recently – it’s something I really enjoy writing, but I haven’t been able to dedicate much time to it over the past few weeks. My brain is full of so many thoughts which makes it difficult to concentrate and I’m starting to get just a tad panicky about everything I need to make for Christmas. I’m hoping that baby boy number two does not make an early appearance, otherwise I am in trouble! So not ready. I started cutting out and making a few things today. Hence why my lounge currently looks like this:


…enough about me and more about what I planned to write about.

Ever feel like a third wheel? I’m starting to feel like one.

People ask me what I think Winston will be like once his brother arrives, and I say that I think he’ll be fine with sharing me…just not with sharing his Dad. When Daddy gets in from work it is the absolute highlight of his day, no matter how many fun things we’ve been doing, Daddy arriving home from work can never be beaten and he rushes to start jumping off the sofa…a game he calls “Daddy Dump” which we find hilarious, because we are so mature. Winston has an absolute obsession with his Dad at the moment and has had for quite a few weeks. As soon as Daddy goes out of the room he asks where Daddy’s gone, whatever Daddy is eating for breakfast that is what Winston wants, he wants to drink out of Daddy’s cup whenever he’s having a drink, he wants to eat from Daddy’s fork, he’ll only play football with Daddy, he’ll only jump of the sofa with Daddy, he has a shower with Daddy every morning, if he wakes in the night he only ever wants Daddy and in the morning he only wants to cuddle with Daddy – I get pushed off if I try to join in.

I’ve realised I am currently the third wheel. When Winston was a baby, Jared often used to say that he felt left out, as let’s face it, breastfeeding can’t really be a Daddy-son activity. I suppose it was bound to turn around at some point, plus Winston is much more independent. Winston is gentle natured and mild, but gives very clear messages about his feelings towards his Dad. A couple of times when Jared and I have been holding hands he’s come and pushed my hands off. I’m not sure what all of this means but I’m really hoping he will share some of his Daddy with his little brother.

I keep reminding Winston that I am cool (haha) but he doesn’t seem to be getting the message. He doesn’t cry when we wave Jared off to work so I can’t be that bad! I love watching them play together. It makes me very happy indeed.






Later this week I will be visiting the ‘Harrogate Sewing & Knitting Fair’ which I always enjoy. This year will be my third visit and I’m getting excited. There is so much to see and do. I’ve also booked myself on a 3 hour Photography course which is this Thursday night. I’m really hoping they can teach me a few things to improve my non existent skills. I will let you know how I get on.

E xx


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