My favourite thing on Christmas morning is watching my Mum’s face. Long gone are the days when I ask for something specific, now it’s so much more random and I love it.  My Mum gets herself into a right state and is often hysterically laughing and shouting: “you’ll never guess what this one is”, “you’ll never believe where I got that from”, “that one cost a few pounds and look at it” and “I think that was meant for so-and-so, not you” (often the presents get all mixed up or she forgets what she bought for who).

I can’t imagine what it’s like buying for 1 spouse, 11 children, 4 in laws and 8 grandchildren but she does a blumming good job. My Mum is the epitome of an opportunist shopper and picks up all sorts on her ‘travels’, then from about September she has knitting needles, a sewing machine or a crochet hook glued to her hands. It’s true that most of the time I can’t guess what my parents have bought me, but guaranteed I will love it – whether it’s a few bits of fabric, some vintage boxes, books, a CD, a new dress or something else lovely. My Mum is such a happy giver and I hope she loves watching our faces as much as I like watching hers. She is brilliant and ever so slightly mad!

I literally could not be any more disorganised for Christmas. I am a joke. People keep saying to me – just go on Amazon but I just can’t. I love seeing the items I am buying, having a good old eBay bidding war or just prefer making…all of which are way more time consuming; particularly with a one year old in tow. Time is something I can’t seem to find enough of at the moment – hence why my Christmas organisation has gone out the window, making me feel rather stressed. I’m feeling better as today I picked up Winston’s eBay buy, I scored a few jigsaws earlier in the week and I managed to make a hot water bottle cover and a pair of pajama bottoms – phew, but still lots to do.

Christmas present sorted!

E xx


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