32 weeks – 10 things a baby bump is useful for

I can’t complain. Pregnancy treats me pretty well – apart from overwhelming tiredness during the first and second trimester it has been a smooth ride. I have been sick once – which Winston thought was the most hilarious thing he’d ever seen (such a sympathetic child) but I think it was down to stupidly skipping breakfast. At 32 weeks I am starting to feel like a beached whale and am get achy legs and swollen ankles. It is the stage when you no longer look forward to going to bed as it takes such a long time to get comfortable. I long to sleep on my front again!

I’m not one of those women that enjoys having a bump, I find it alien and it plays games with my spacial awareness. Ever been pregnant, in a busy place, seen a gap you are sure you squeeze through, got there, breathed in and you end up belly bouncing some poor person? That is me! Breathing in does not work and it confuses me.

I am trying to focus on the positives of having a baby bump and here is my list:

10 Things a Baby Bump is Useful For

1. Whilst slicing vegetables one can successfully manage to prevent stray carrot slices, corn on the cob and green beans all from hitting the floor with just a belly. Skills!

2. For catching crumbs when eating.

3. For justifying why you need more room on the sofa.

4. For getting cheap deals on eBay. Maternity clothes seem to sell quite cheaply if you’re wanting something basic. I avoid clothes shopping at all costs whilst pregnant. I hate looking at the clothes I want and can’t buy!

5. For bagsysing a comfortable chair to prevent getting a pair of feet in the ribs.

6. As a prop for books, tablets and other devices.

7. It can provide extra leverage when lifting a buggy or other object.

8. As a table for drinks when lying down or a useful surface when painting your nails. Pretty useful.

9. For feeling fine about the fact that your winter coat does not even nearly fasten.

10. If your shoulder ache it is a good place to rest your arms and relax your shoulders.

I am having a slight moment with cheese ploughmans sandwiches. I’m not sure if it’s the cheese, pickle,  tomatoes, lettuce or the dash of mayo? Gorgeous. A few weeks ago I had one for breakfast 3 days in a row – whoops.

I’ve got my Christmas crafting ideas together now. All I need to do now is get started!

E xx


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