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How amazing is Pinterest? When one of my sister in laws told me about Pinterest I could not believe my ears! I remember saying: ‘what anything on the internet?’, ‘what do you mean a board?’, ‘you follow people?’, ‘fashion?  crafts? what are you talking about?’ …I was so confused and thought it sounded too good to be true.

Our house has been somewhat of a DIY project for the last 4 months and I’ve realised how much my house is turning into a Pinterest shrine. I was slightly addicted to it when I first joined but now it’s more of a bimonthly visit rather than a weekly one. There are so many incredible and inspiring projects, and I still have a huge long list of items I would like to make at some point in my life.

Here are some of the Pinterest projects I have around my home:

pinterest (16)

1. I showed my Mum some of the pricey wooden toy boxes you can buy on various websites and she managed to find this. She got her friend to add on the wheels and now it serves as a magazine box in our lounge… after being used as a baby walker!

pinterest (1)

2. A toy tidy in Winston’s room – easy for him to grab. I painted the pole and then made the three baskets. 


3. Not a direct copy of something from Pinterest but the idea of a tidy craft space is definitely a stolen one. The ladder will house some larger pieces of fabric once it’s finally attached to the wall.

pinterest (25)

4. I found these vintage cars for £1 each at an antique shop. They are all in near perfect condition and I particularly like the Cadbury’s van. This will be finding a home in Winston’s room. The frame was a few pounds from Ikea.

pinterest (22)

5. Painted frames. What’s not to love?


6. My new found love of the colour turquoise is definitely due to Pinterest!

…and that’s without all the recipes, outfit ideas, presents I’ve made, painted furniture and other ideas that have been incorporated into my home. I’m thinking I need to start being more original…but no – there are just too many cool ideas to steal!

E xx


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