Spending a Friday night with a one year old

If you would have asked me a few months ago how I felt about my husband going away for a night and a day and a night over the weekend, I’ll be honest – I wouldn’t have been that thrilled. It probably would have involved a soft play area plus the park to properly wear W out and structuring the days so that he was guaranteed to go to bed on time…but so much has changed over the last few months. The past 1-2 months he has been so easy going, so chilled, so pleasant and so much more flexible. His concentration is a million times better which means we can sit and do jigsaws, read books, spot things whilst we’re driving and play with his cars – all completely impossible for more than five minutes two months ago…and the thought of going on a lengthy bus ride, a train journey or him being ‘strapped in’ for a long time would have made me a tad nervous.

This week we’ve been swimming, riding our bike, out on the bus, shopping, playgroup and music time – all completely fuss free. Whilst I am loving (just about) every single minute – it is making me feel a bit on edge. Will ‘terrible twos’ and baby number two arrive exactly on the same day to compensate? and when baby number two arrives and breastfeeding takes over my life will I miss the daily fun that Winston and I are currently having together?

Today I found myself planning his nap so that we could spend the evening together – it feels so bizarre? We have had so much fun together. Jigsaws galore, a trip to Tesco’s, a shower (it is useful to have someone small to pass you your hairbrush etc – lol), playing football, lots of laughing and we I watched half of Come Dine With Me…gosh – we are living life on the edge! I feel genuinely excited about what we’ll get up to tomorrow.

I do feel slightly panicky thinking about the birth of our second child a mere 11 weeks away and an urgency to squidge in as much Winston time as possible before our lives are turned upside down!


I just wish I found his nude trumping as funny as he does…but I suppose the possibility of cleaning up poo is always an option whilst socialising with a one year old! Thankfully it wasn’t on the agenda for tonight.

…someone was a bit to eager to enter the shower.

Bring on tomorrow!….and now to read some trash.


E xx


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