DIY Birthday sewing – a needlecase and a drawstring bag

One of my oldest and dearest friends has recently discovered sewing and I wanted to make her something that would be useful. I was thrilled when I found this tutorial on Sew She Sews detailing how to make a needlecase. I would say that my needlecase is a more ‘rustic’ take on the tutorial – either because I’m a careless sewer, or because subconsciously I prefer producing items that are obviously handmade!…whichever is true I was pretty happy with the outcome.

I put in a box of pins, a few needles, a seam ripper, hook & eyes plus some safety pins just as a starter. It took a couple of hours to make and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I do need to work on my quilting and binding skills – I haven’t done either for a while so I was rather rusty.



A miniature project that I completed recently was one for my nephews birthday – it literally took about 15 minutes.

A scrap of gorgeous fabric + a sewing machine + cotton cord + thread + 6 miniature aeroplanes = one very happy 3 year old




After realising how bad all of my photographs are I am determined to get myself on a photography course within the next year. This cannot go on!

E xx


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