Crafting for the big C

I know it is horrendously early to mention the ‘big C’ word – I daren’t even say it. Last year I made about half of the Christmas presents that I gave including: button frames, bean bags, lavender sachets, tea bags, cheese crackers and coconut macaroons. I really enjoy thinking about a person when giving them a present, and hate being pressured to buy a certain item – because I’ve been told that’s what they want. They may as well just go and buy it themselves (unless it’s hubster then I appreciate the help). I’m a bit more open minded with birthdays – but I really feel the ‘big C’ is all about giving – not receiving, so it should be enjoyable for the giver too.

I have heard the rumours that it is now under 100 days until Christmas, making me panic inside. We both have quite large families, and even though we participate in three Secret Santas…it still adds up. I quickly sat down to write a list of handmade gift ideas. I really, really would like to make the majority of the presents that I give this year and purchase the rest from charity shops – it all comes down to time and opportunity! I’m also aware that baby boy is due 5 days after Christmas, so I will need to be even more organised (not my forte) in case he makes an early appearance.


I have bought two things so far to put in my Christmas drawer:

A set of brand spanking new Eric Carle books found for 50p. Who knows who the lucky receiver will be!

A pair of lederhosens found at a Spanish car boot sale (quite possibly the best car boot sale I've ever been to) - costing two euros. These will be for our new baby boy! They've been washed and are as good as new!

I am literally SO excited to get on with all of this crafting; so expect to find lots of crafting attempts documents here – the successful – as well as the pure disasters!

E xx


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  1. 18th September 2013 / 8:19 pm

    I love crafting at Christmas. I think I will try and make presents this year too as it means so much more than just a bit of crap bought for the sake of it x

  2. 18th September 2013 / 9:18 pm

    Exactly! They will just have to receive my handmade rubbish gratuitously instead. My husband calls me scrooge around Christmas because all the commercial hype annoys me so much! I think I need to chill out xx

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