Usable hob & sink = indescribably happy

The last 5-6 weeks have been inconvenient, frustrating and challenging to say the least(!) and last Friday we had lost hope of getting any further before Christmas; after the third set of builders didn’t turn up (what a joke)…but after a joiner came yesterday – who we’ve decided literally must have been sent from heaven – we finally have a working hob and sink plus worktops.

We still lack a lot of flooring and dust gets trampled everywhere but who cares when you can have a poached egg for breakfast and a bath that can actually be used for its correct purpose? I have to admit that I played it cool when the joiner arrived – I felt like kissing him…which I’m sure he wouldn’t have appreciated. We were up until midnight last night and tonight laying laminate flooring; as we couldn’t hide our enthusiasm for being able to get on with the next step…although I think I lost my enthusiasm at about 11pm and may have moaned about being tired for the last hour (eager beave is often my husbands middle name).

Fortunately, we’re very happy with how everything is looking…but there is still a long way to go. We keep motivated by imagining sitting on the sofa, with a carpeted lounge, drinking some nice cordial – which seems an age away at the mo. Must. Keep, Going! Here are a few pics – please excuse the mess, we are still very much in renovating mode:




Often a helper but mostly a ‘helper’!

I ordered a slow cooker a few weeks ago so we could get a bit more variety in our diet minus a hob and cooker – however, it only arrived yesterday which wasn’t much use. Nevertheless; I used it today and was very happy with the chicken and root vegetable casserole that I managed to make with just five minute preparation. I sense a new best friend in my life. Although, I feel like I’ve cheated on the hob now!

Other very happy goings on, include having my 20 week scan tomorrow (today now!) where we’ll be finding out the sex of our half grown baby. I feel a bit sorry for babe no.2 as we haven’t had chance to think about them whatsoever. When I was expecting WInston I would read on my lunch break and felt like I knew what was going on. At least soon we’ll be able to start imagining what he or she will look like. I don’t have a preference but girls names are a heck of a lot easier to work with. Winston was not what we envisaged calling our son, but it just happened and now we love it. So strange how things work out.

E xx


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