DIY Recovering a Bouncy Chair

I got given this rather fabulous contraption from one of my sister-in-laws and it is doing the rounds, as another sister-in-law now needs it! It hadn’t crossed my mind to get a bouncy chair – probably because I think it’s nicer if babies are free from restraint, but I’m so glad she gave it to me as we used it a lot during the first few months. He enjoyed being in the garden with us, watching us doing DIY, cutting the grass and is handy when you’re cooking. I wanted to pass it on looking less worn. There weren’t any holes in it but it had seen plenty of use and needed a revamp.

Out wit the old...
8 weeks old. Out with the old…

It’s a Baby Bjorn bouncer. All I did was unpick the current chambray cover and cut new pattern pieces from the old pieces. I was going to freestyle it (learn from your mistakes Esther), but it’s so much easier if you have a pattern to work with. I used a navy medium weight large print gingham with navy grosgrain ribbon.  Two hours later…

Summer 2011 051
…in with the new!

I have so many little sewing projects that I never seem to get around to completing. I really should get motivated…I’ve already started thinking about what my Christmas makes are going to be so that should get me going. Super excited.

E xx


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