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I was thrilled when I came across the charity ‘Dress A Girl Around The World‘ through the blog Sew Scrumptious and I knew I had to get involved. It is an American charity that brings women and young girls dignity through making dresses…which are then sent to countries all over the world. They want the next generation of women to know that they are worthy of love and respect and that God loves them. Girls wearing new dresses in countries such as India, Haiti, Kenya, Columbia and Congo presents an appearance that that the girls are well cared for and discourages potential predators.

Dress A Girl Photo

It is brilliant that creativity and doing good can be combined! I decided to organise an event that will be held in Pontefract on the 28th September 2013 where people get together to cut, make and sew as many dresses as possible. Plus, I’m sure there will be snacks to help the sewing process along 😉 The dresses will then be sent to where they are needed. The dresses have to be hard-wearing, girly and fun so that longevity is not a problem. Individuals are very welcome to get involved too.  I am so excited to get started! I wonder how many we can make in one day? I literally have no idea – lots I hope!

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