Why you need Pilates in your life…

I am excited to say that I am starting Pilates again after a few months break – yey! My husbands new work schedule has settled down and I am so happy that we have found a window on a Friday morning when I can attend. He will take the babe swimming and I will get a Pilates session! I first started Pilates around 3 years ago when we moved into our new house. It took my about 10 weeks to be convinced that it was doing some good and get used to the feeling of correct posture.

When I was pregnant with Winston it became an essential part of my week and I came to rely on it. I attended classes up until I was 38 weeks and then attended again 2 weeks after the birth to very gently get my abdominal muscles working again. It was a key part of project ‘pre baby body’ and the thought of going through my second pregnancy minus Pilates was unbearable which I know sounds dramatic. Pilates is about gaining control of your muscles, improving flexibility and building endurance without creating bulk. It has a particular emphasis on aligning the pelvis and spine to strengthen your core and improve posture.

Many people think that it is easy and physically unchallenging but that is completely untrue…it has left me breathless, shaking, frustrated and trying too hard! The changes in my body that have been most noticeable are: improved definition in my arms and the lines on my abdominals are definitely more visible. My build is naturally very athletic (which has good and bad points) so I was worried about looking bulkier but Pilates defines, it doesn’t build. I would highly recommend Pilates, particularly during pregnancy – it is wonderfully relaxing and immensely satisfying when you start seeing changes. My classes are run by the lovely Claire a former ballerina at La Naturelle.


Also…1st August  will mark the start of my friend and I doing a completely sugar free month (including honey, sweeteners etc). Chocolate is definitely my number one weakness! Come and join in if you enjoy a challenge!!! but watch out for the headaches over the first few days, they can be disheartening.

E xx


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