Salmon with dill, paprika and chilli

Summer 2011 024

We are massive fans of salmon in our household. As soon as I walk through the barriers at Morrisons I look to see if it’s on offer. My heart rejoices if there is a third off or half off the normal price so I can stock up…otherwise I have to walk on by pretending not to be gutted (which is exactly what happened to me yesterday). Geek alert. I’ve experimented with lots of different flavours on our salmon and this is by far our favourite.

Salt + pepper + smoked paprika + fresh dill + chilli flakes (+ green veg + possibly rice) = gorgeousness.

In the oven or on the BBQ.

E xx

p.s. I sure I am far too excited about the royal baby! I didn’t realised I cared until he was born! Such a lovely family.


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