The LunchBot – an eco friendly dining solution

My love for the humble LunchBot knows no bounds. I can’t get enough of it and it doesn’t even belong to me – it belongs to my son. Every time I see it I feel happy inside, sad I know. I was fed up of having an array of plastic containers in our cupboard. The number with matching lids was diminishing and I thought there must be a solution.

The LunchBot is a stainless steel lunch box with dividers. You can get different colours, sizes, compartment combinations and although the basic LunchBot is not 100% water tight (a leak proof range does exist), foods like houmous and fruit are safe. They are eco-friendly, BPA free, extremely durable, stain and rust resistant PLUS it’s a family owned business. Amazing!

I have visions of Winston using his when he’s 80 years of age on a picnic (maybe just a tad ambitious). I bought ours from Amazon and decided to go for the plain version as the coloured paint can chip. I love seeing him decide what order to eat things in…needless to say he doesn’t understand the concept: ‘save the best until last’.

The Winstonator enjoying his Lunchbot snacks. Armed with two oatcakes!
The Winstonator enjoying his Lunchbot snacks. Armed with two oatcakes!

Ideas of healthy snacks to pack for you or your little one:

– chopped fruit – kiwi, half a banana, apple, pear, grapes, cucumber, tomatoes, berries

– dried fruit – raisins, apricots

–  houmous, salsa, guacamole

– rice salad, couscous, cooked pasta

– savoury muffin

– breadsticks, rice cakes, mini sandwiches, oatcakes, wholemeal pitta bread

– boiled eggs

– cooked meats including ham and chicken

There are other companies that offer eco-friendly snack solutions and stainless steel lunchboxes. Have a look around. Yes, they are more expensive but hopefully you’ll only ever have to buy one! – EVER.

I may (or may not) have recently emailed them to ask them to provide more UK stockists.

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