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Sometimes I can be relaxed about ‘being green’ but sometimes I can get preoccupied and obsessed. Earlier this week I got so mad at all the packaging at the supermarket that as soon as I got home I decided to write to the ‘big 4’ and tell them that they needed to always use brown paper bags throughout their stores like Europeans should, reduce packaging and be more environmentally aware. I have also written to Whole Foods recently to ask them to open a shop near me – pretty please. I would love to cut supermarkets entirely out of my life but at the moment it doesn’t seem possible as I’d be spending ridiculous amounts on petrol. Oh how I wish I still lived in London – everything is so accessible.

I thought it would be useful for me to write down some ‘Green Ambitions‘ to keep me on the straight and narrow consistently, and to make sure the focus is on myself rather than getting frustrated by others:

  1. To only put the wheelie bin out once a month. Ideally I would like it to be every 6 weeks.
  2. To sort out my under the sink cupboard – make my own all purpose cleaners and get rid of all the horrendous chemicals. Since getting married I have sneakily been weaning the chemicals out of it but every so often my husband will go on a Cillit Bang/Domestos shopping frenzy which must be stopped!
  3. Cut down on the amount of new things that I buy. I’m a massive eBay and charity shop fan but I could be so much better. The other week I went to get Winston’s feet measured for his first pair of shoes fully intending to then go and buy some on eBay…but I was there and I got sucked in: “we’ll take a photograph of him”, “these are nice”. I did buy the pair in the sale – but still! I got sucked in. Plus, my love for Home Bargains needs to cease.
  4. Be the proud owner of 2 or 3 fabulous chickens within a year. We eat so many eggs.
  5. Be a more diligent, less erratic gardener. Looks like we’ve secured an allotment finally! 🙂


I know these aren’t exactly ambitious but for me they are steps in the right direction. Do you have any Green Ambitions?

E xx



  1. hownottokillyourparents
    18th June 2013 / 8:35 pm

    Those sound like great goals! We are slowly getting greater, but its a sloooow journey. I do make a number of our cleaning supplies, and I like to make my own body/bath products too. And we try to be careful with our food… Local organic when possible. I think any step even a small one is one in the right direction. 🙂

  2. 18th June 2013 / 10:29 pm

    I am loving reading your blog. You are making me want to be greener too 🙂 I am waiting for Oliver to fatten up so I can begin our cloth nappy adventure (and purchase more so I can use them on Charlie too), I hate seeing all the nappy bags in the wheelie bin!

    Please will you share your recipes for your homemade clean products?


  3. 19th June 2013 / 7:17 pm

    I’ll definitely share my homemade cleaning product recipes once I’ve tried them out. We’re getting a new kitchen in two weeks time – perfect opportunity to have a clear out. I’m excited for your reusable nappy adventure! You have to be dedicated in the beginning but then it is absolutely fine! 🙂 Would love to make my own bath/body products too.

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