Revamping nesting tables and a chair

I like to think I played some part in enhancing these two items of furniture, but the truth is I just provided transport and a bit if elbow grease (both essential might I add). The first is a nest of tables that made a lucky escape from my grandparents house as my Dad and Uncle were ‘clearing out’…I was so mad that they were just going to send them somewhere random (!) and rescued them.

My Grandpa let me win chess countless times on those tables and it’s where he kept his beloved jar of pear drops. They were all stained very dark brown, and over time had acquired lots of patches, burn marks and scratches, so we sent them to get dipped. My Mum told me they were oak, so it was no surprise that they came back much, much lighter. I bought some neutral brush on wax and got going, hubs buffed and there they were – lovely, smooth and shiny. All I need now is someone who will let me beat them at chess!

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The second item is an amazing nursing chair which I very loosely ‘attempted’ to reupholster. Needless to say after about 15 hours spent picking the old staples out I had to give up. It was absolutely impossible and gave me shoulder cramps. The two men at the reupholstery shop did congratulate me on my efforts (amongst much laughing) and gave us £25 off. My attempts weren’t completely pointless, just mostly.

We got it dipped and were planning on staining it one colour, but we both loved all the different hues it came back with. Lots of oranges and reds which we weren’t expecting. I got my wax out again and took it back to the reupholstery shop. I saved a lot of money through buying my own fabric that cost me £12 and was thrilled when I saw the finished masterpiece. Here it is:

Before reupolstering but after dipping…
In it's new home!
In it’s new home! Before the wood was very dark, and the fabric was yellow and uber stained.

Old furniture gives so many more options than modern equivalents!

E xx


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  1. Mammasaurus
    17th June 2013 / 4:33 pm

    Ooo that looks really smart!

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