Finally living outside and a haircut

Since the sun decided to make an appearance I feel like the Winst and I have constantly been outside or at the park. I mostly lie down, sing some songs, blow him bubbles and try not to fall asleep. He pushes the pram around for 2-3 hours (literally), gets himself filthy, hogs the slide then we share some snacks. He always comes home looking an absolute mess.

I’m quite relaxed about him crawling and walking wherever he wants and picking things up off the floor if they look safe…I’m sure to other parents I look the epitome of laziness! We were at a park the other day and I was letting him paddle in some water, then some ladies walked by stating that they wouldn’t even let their dog go near that water – whoops. Is it bad that I didn’t care? He was loving it! It is so nice to finally be outside minus jackets and boots. Now he is walking/hobbling around he is so funny to watch. I laugh to myself (making sure he doesn’t see me) at how much he resembles a 90 year old grandad.

20130601_121748 20130601_122240 20130601_122646

These pictures reminded me that I don’t really like his new haircut. I way prefer him looking like a mad scientist. The haircut we tried to give him went wrong (too much movement) and we had to clipper it. Please come back soon!

E xx


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  1. Mammasaurus
    15th June 2013 / 7:41 pm

    Looks like you both had a fun time! It’s great that you let him get into everything and enjoy being a child! Some people get so hung up on not doing things because it makes a mess 🙂

    My Ozzy has longish hair and I love it – he had it cut short once and he looked too much like ‘a boy’ and not enough like Ozzy – if that makes any sense! x

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