Ankle boots from eBay

Ankle boots? Real suede? my size? from Office? you don’t want them anymore? brand new? exactly what I’m looking for? winning bid of £12.50. Here two days later – thank you.


After I wore my trusty black ankle boots into the ground a few months ago I have been looking for the perfect replacement. I wore them all the time! They ensure that no matter what I’m wearing I don’t feel scruffy or sloppy, which is difficult when you’re trying to feel good in a banana stained jacket or a blouse with mucous on it. Let’s face it, here in the UK ankle boots are needed all year round. Since discovering my love for eBay I have often asked myself: what did people do before eBay? what did you do if you bought something that didn’t fit properly and you couldn’t take back? how did people get rid of their tat?

Car boot sales and charity shops are both excellent eco shopping options but so is eBay. What could be better than swapping your unwanted goods for somebody else’s? There are such bargains to be had, on shoes, furniture, toys and clothing. It’s endless! Tips for buying on eBay:

  • Always have your maximum price in mind and stick to it. Sometimes SO hard.
  • If you’re unsure ask lots of questions – this way you can suss out the seller too.
  • Buy items from shops that you would usually buy from, then sizing is likely to be accurate.
  • Always check the location of collection only items! can be embarrassing!
  • If you do make a purchase error  (I’ve made tonnes!) – don’t worry! you can just list the item and sell it on.
  • Remember eBay take a fee, as do Paypal, so make sure you factor this into your selling price.
  • Don’t buy packaging. Use whatever you can find in your house; as long as it will sufficiently protect the item. It’s amazing what packages you can rustle up.

Happy bargain hunting! I however, may (or may not) have worn my new ankle boots every day since receiving them.

E xx


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